Founder of Water for Good

I continue to serve with Water for Good as the founder, meeting with partners and donors, and working closely with the Water for Good development team.


Consulting for Let Them Laugh out Loud: Sierra Leone

Design a Circuit Rider System (CRS) modeled after the proven model implemented in the Central African Republic. Local staff were trained, and they have implemented the system, despite working during the Ebola outbreak.

Currently working to establish a nationally operated well-drilling operation, sourcing supplies and locating suppliers, shipping logistics, as well as training national staf.


Consulting for Samaritan’s Purse: South Sudan

Evaluation of water pumps and design of a Circuit Rider System (CRS) modeled after the proven model implemented in the Central African Republic. Planning stage completed, but the ensuing war prevented the implementation of the project.


Consulting for Hope for Haiti Foundation: Haiti

Installation of solar power system at Hope for Haiti Foundation’s primary school, medical clinic, and FM radio station, as well as installation of the radio station. Evaluation of local well-drilling expertise to locate a capable partner for Hope for Haiti Foundation.


Founder and CEO – Water for Good

I started Water for Good with the goal of equipping and empowering Central Africans to overcome the obstacles to development in their country on their own. I established a national staff of leaders who not only oversaw a well-drilling operation across the country, but also implemented training at the village level, working in on the importance of sanitation and hygiene. I developed a full Central African team to run the Water for Good Central African operations, including a financial staff and logistical staff to keep the supply chain moving and provide the well drillers with the supplies and pumps they needed.


1. Well Maintenance: In 2005 and the years following I oversaw the development of a maintenance system teaching the people in villages across the Central African Republic the importance of water and the maintaining of that water utility to the their family’s long term health.  This program started with around 200 villages and grew to almost 1,000 villages over the next 7 years.

2. Short Wave Radio Station:  In 2007, through a partnership with HCJB I organized a team to start a development focused radio station. Using mostly national men with some technical advisors from HCJB, Water for Good was able to install not only the radio transmitter,  but V-Sat internet systems to connect with the outside world for news and information. This radio station has since that time produced radio programming on development and gospel messages for 6 years. Local Water for Good employees who manage the station have been able to secure funding for nearly 50% from inside this war-torn and pour country.


Grace Brethren International Missions

Solar Systems Program Manager – Yaloké, Central African Republic

Power plants and fuel are extremely expensive in the Central African Republic so over many years of testing and  experiments I developed solar systems that soon were used in six different towns and with three different mission organizations. These systems not only powered lights but often computers, laser printers, water pumps, hospital equipment and other electronic equipment saving thousands of dollars every month for the mission organizations using them.

Maintenance Director – Yaloké, Central African Republic

I managed short term missionaries and built and equipped a maintenance garage in the CAR. Before that time, although mechanical work was done it was done with a car-pit and small shed and the tools had to be put away and stored in a secure location every night. The maintenance garage was a training ground for a team of maintenance men who handled both the mechanical and the residence maintenance needs for the hospital, high school and mission station for years to come. Several of these men, trained by myself in the late 1980’s, now work for Water for Good.

Literature Program Director – Yaloké, Central African Republic

I helped develop over 200 literacy schools in a program to bring literacy to remote villages using local church members and local church buildings. This added value to the local church, and allowed church members to open their Bibles and read from the scriptures themselves. I also developed a literature production office and over $10,000.00 in literature for sale and distribution to over 2,000 churches in four different denominations. The local team I developed became proficient with computers, printers, laser stencil cutters and Risograph machines to produce and distribute literature across the entire country.


Garage Manager for Grace Schools, Winona Lake, IN

I developed and then ran a maintenance garage for Grace Schools.  Before that time their maintenance was outsourced to local shops. I helped Grace Schools establish their own garage, saving them enough money to pay my salary. At the time, the maintenance team cared for 12 maintenance vehicles, 16 development vehicles, and all of the grounds tractors and vehicles. I also managed the snow removal team for Grace Schools during this time.

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